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The PILATUS3 R 1M is the perfect detector for macromolecular crystallography in the laboratory. The large sensor area of 169 by 179 millimeters rivals that of image plates and eliminates all compromises when collecting complete high resolution data with well resolved spots. A readout time of 7 ms and shutterless data acquisition make it a breeze to collect high multiplicity data sets.

The PILATUS3 R 1M is the ultimate choice when replacing your outdated image plate or CCD and upgrading your diffractometer to a state-of-the-art instrument.

In X-ray scattering experiments, the large area of the 1M enables simultaneous measurements of SAXS and WAXS signals.

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The PILATUS3 R 300K is the perfect detector for an in-house SAXS instrument. Benefit from the outstanding stability of the water-cooled detector that allows you to determine and subtract solvent scattering with best precision and accuracy, even for very long exposure times. Furthermore, you can exploit the optional vacuum compatibility of the detector for complete elimination of air and window scattering.

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The PILATUS3 R 300K-W with its wide rectangular area is perfectly suited for WAXS, 2-D texture analysis and powder diffraction. The extremely slim profile of the housing allows you to position the detector close to the direct beam and gives you the ultimate detector for measuring the WAXS signal in a SAXS/WAXS setup. Like the 300K, the PILATUS3 R 300K-W also features vacuum compatibility as an option.



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The PILATUS3 R 200K-A features an active area of 84 by 70 millimeters and is the ideal detector for a wide range of X-ray applications. It is a compact and versatile detector that allows you to take full advantage of all PILATUS3 features. Achieve outstanding results in SCD and XRD with high local and global count rates that are far superior to those of counting detectors based on gas discharge or similar technologies. The smartly shaped front and compact size of the housing enable detection at high diffraction angles and make efficient use of confined space around the sample. Fully air-cooled and with low power requirements, the PILATUS3 R 200K-A is a service- and maintenance-free detector system.



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The PILATUS3 R 100K-A is DECTRIS’ most affordable 2D detector. It delivers all advantages of Hybrid Photon Counting technology in an easy-to-use, service- and maintenance-free detector system. A continuous active area of 84 by 34 millimeters allows for fast and accurate measurements of XRD data. Like all its PILATUS3 R siblings, the 100K-A outperforms other counting detectors with a maximum count rate of more than 4 million counts per second and pixel at 8 keV. This ensures accurate data even when measuring strongly diffracting samples with the brightest sources. The radiation-hard design of PILATUS3 has proven its robustness at many synchrotron beamlines and can easily withstand the radiation exposure in laboratory instruments, providing a highly reliable detector. Air-cooled and fully media-free, the PILATUS3 R 100K-A is the easiest-to-operate PILATUS detector yet.


PILATUS3 R detector systems provide the flexibility of a versatile software interface for integration of the detector in your own setup as well as the ease-of-use of turnkey systems from our OEM Partners that have PILATUS3 R fully integrated into their control and analysis software.
For integration in your own setup, PILATUS3 R X-ray detector systems are provided with a camera server program that can be easily interfaced via TCP/IP from different software packages. Examples are available for the interfacing of detectors with SPEC and EPICS (see download section).

Detector Systems

PILATUS3 R X-ray detector systems consist of a PILATUS3 R Hybrid Photon Counting detector, a power supply, a Linux PC, and all connecting cables. The PILATUS3 R 100K-A and 200K-A are air-cooled and do not require a cooling unit. PILATUS3 R 300K, 300K-W, and 1M come with a closed-circuit water-cooling unit for temperature stabilization.
For operation, the detectors have to be flushed with nitrogen gas or oil-free, dry air at a flow rate of 5 - 10 liter/h. Nitrogen or dry-air supply are not part of the detector system. The PILATUS3 R 100K-A comes with a built-in humidity control and does not require nitrogen, dry-air or any other media for operation.

Standard configuration and options

Sensors and calibrations

450 μm silicon sensors, calibration for all common X-ray energies, and a continuously adjustable threshold are the standard configuration of all PILATUS3 R detectors. 1000 μm thick silicon sensors, substantially improving quantum efficiency at high X-ray energies, are optionally available. For in-vacuum applications, special low energy calibrations are available that extend the range of the energy threshold below 2.7 keV. Contact us for details if you may want to use a PILATUS3 R at low X-ray energies.

Vacuum compatibility

The fully water-cooled PILATUS3 R models 300K and 300K-W can be ordered with optional vacuum compatibility down to 10-4 mbar. Feedthrough sets are available for straightforward integration into your instrument.