Depending on the application requirements, DECTRIS offers two approaches for vacuum-compatible X-ray detectors:

1. In-Vacuum PILATUS 300K and 300K-W

The new PILATUS 300K and 300K-W detectors have been designed with vacuum applications in mind:

  • The complete detector is cooled uniquely by water-cooling and does not require fans for air-cooling, etc.
  • Materials have been carefully selected to reduce the amount of outgassing while still maintaining the superior quality of the detector.
  • The vacuum compatibility and functionality of both the individual parts as well as the complete detector have been verified in extensive tests.

The in-vacuum PILATUS 300K and 300K-W can be used in a medium vacuum, i.e., around 10-2 to 10-3 mbar. Click here for detailed performance specifications.

Fig. 1: View inside the vacuum-compatible PILATUS3 300K-W.

2. Customized In-Vacuum PILATUS Detectors

Customized in-vacuum detectors are tailor-made solutions which, in various aspects, exceed the capabilities of the in-vacuum PILATUS3 300K detector series. Some of these aspects are:

  • Smaller or larger detector active areas (e.g., PILATUS 100K, 1M, 2M or 6M)
  • Customized mechanical detector configurations (e.g., a central hole for SAXS applications, non-standard active areas, non-planar detector surfaces, etc.)
  • Additional calibrations for X-ray energies as low as 2 keV
  • Improved vacuum compatibility, i.e., for applications under high vacuum (around 10-6 mbar)

There are many more possibilities. Should you have special requirements, we will provide a specific solution to your demands based on our state-of-the-art hybrid pixel and microstrip detector technologies. Contact us!

Fig. 2: Examples of customized in-vacuum detectors: PILATUS 1M-PTB.
Fig. 3: Examples of customized in-vacuum detectors: PILATUS 12M-DLS.