High local and global count rates

The PILATUS3 X CdTe detector is compatible with count rates of more than 5 x 106 counts/s/pixel (Fig. 2), which corresponds to almost 2 × 10counts/s/mm2. These high count rates are enabled by the DECTRIS instant retrigger technology featured by all PILATUS3 detectors. Count rate correction is applied to provide accurate intensity measurements over the full range of count rates. Excellent long-term stability guarantees stable operation: less than 1 % signal variation (reduction through polarization) is observed at 2.5 × 10counts/s/pixel over hours.

Fig. 2: Count rate characteristics of PILATUS3 X CdTe detector. Measured data (symbols) was fitted to the theoretical curve (line) acquired at 60 keV X-ray energy, 30 keV energy threshold.