September 20, 2018 - News

Christian Brönnimann one step from Entrepreneur of the Year

DECTRIS CEO Christian Brönnimann has reached the final of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Established by the ... Read more

September 19, 2018 - News

Beijing and Shanghai Synchrotron User Meetings

By sharing expertise in our customers' language, Unite Technology made our presence at the Beijing and Shanghai ... Read more

September 17, 2018 - Success Story

Charpak-Ritz Prize for Roland Horisberger

This year's Charpak-Ritz Prize was awarded to Professor Roland Horisberger for his pioneering work on 2D semiconductor ... Read more

September 13, 2018 - Success Story

Your story: Magnetic investigations at neutron and synchrotron sources

Ankita Singh, a DECTRIS-sponsored student at this year's HERCULES School, introduces you to magnetic structures Read more

August 14, 2018 - News

Hefei Light Source User Meeting

Scientific achievements and future developments were in focus at the 2018 Hefei Light Source User Meeting where Unite ... Read more

July 31, 2018 - News

Mosflm processes EIGER data directly

Intuitive processing of EIGER data saved in HDF5 is now possible with Mosflm without prior image format conversions. Read more


October 17, 2018 - October 19, 2018

INFN Workshop on X-ray techniques

Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati is organizing a workshop on developments in X-ray detection in Rome... Read more


November 6, 2018 - November 9, 2018

28th LNLS Users Meeting

We are serious about Sirius. The 20th RAU LNLS Users Meeting in Campinas, Brazil from 6th - 9th November 2018 with ... Read more


November 11, 2018 - November 13, 2018

PSDI 2018

Meet us at PSDI in Versailles... Read more

X-ray Detection without limits

Could your experiments benefit from an X-ray detector designed for your needs? Unleash the full potential of your experiment with specific solutions, the customizable detector systems from DECTRIS. In close collaboration with our development team, you can realize your idea for a specific solution detector based on the Hybrid Photon Counting PILATUS3 and EIGER pixel detectors or MYTHEN strip detector.

The specific solutions shown are selected examples of solutions realized for our customers. If you need a similar – or even entirely different – detector solution, please contact us to discuss how it can become reality.

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