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PILATUS4 for Laboratories

PILATUS4 R detectors enable fast data collection, thanks to their large active area and high quantum efficiency.

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With their high quantum efficiency (greater than 95%) and their large active area of up to 155 x 162 mm, PILATUS4 R CdTe detectors enable fast data collection using any X-ray source from Cu to In. In particular, for Mo, Ag, and In radiation, PILATUS4 R CdTe outperforms any HPC detector with a Si sensor – even PILATUS3, which has the thickest Si sensor available. 

A dynamic range spanning ten orders of magnitude is achieved through PILATUS4’s superior count rates and the absence of any detector background. Internal frame rates of up to 200 Hz improve the count-rate correction and ensure highly accurate measurement of strong intensities. With four energy-discriminating thresholds, PILATUS4 offers new possibilities in Laue diffraction and spectral imaging. 

  • Large & efficient: Active areas of up to 155 x 162 mm, with more than 95% quantum efficiency
  • The highest possible dynamic range thanks to zero detector background, superior count rates, and simultaneous read/write.
  • Versatile: High quantum efficiency from Cu to In; four energy-discriminating thresholds for polychromatic applications

PILATUS4 R CdTe Detectors*





Active area
(W x H)  [ mm² ]

155.0 x 162.0

77.0 x 79.5

155.0 x 38.3

Pixel array 
(W x H)
1033 x 1080 513 x 530 1033 x 255
Pixel size
(W x H)  [ µm² ]
  150 x 150  
Energy range [keV]   8 - 25
(8 - 100)1
Number of energy thresholds   4  
Threshold range [keV]   4 - 30
(4 - 80)1
Count rate
  5.0 * 106  
Frame rate
(max.) [Hz]
10 100 100
Readout time2   Continuous readout  
Sensor material   Cadmium telluride (CdTe)   
Sensor thickness [µm]   1000  
Point-spread function (FWHM) [pixels]   1  
(W x H x D) [mm3]
235 x 237 x 372 114 x 133 x 242 192 x 92 x 277
Weight [kg] 15 4.7 4.7

*All specifications are subject to change without notice.
1 With optional calibration for an extended energy range.
The effective dead time between exposures is < 100 ns (max. loss of 1 count/pixel).

Key Contact

Marcus Müller
Product Manager - Laboratories, XRD


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