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X-Ray Detectors

Our detectors offer the best photon-counting technology for unprecedented X-ray detection at synchrotrons and in laboratories.

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We are proud to offer a diverse portfolio of X-ray detectors based on our photon-counting technology that revolutionized X-ray detection.

Reliable, easy to integrate, and extremely accurate, DECTRIS pixel and strip X-ray detectors make data collection effortless. Our cameras, combined with our team of application scientists and field engineers who are here to support you every step of the way, are the best choice to help you advance science at synchrotrons and in the laboratory.

  • Excellent performance: our detectors offer fast, noise-free, and high-dynamic-range X-ray detection, making sure that every photon counts.
  • Manifold: our detectors come in a variety of geometries and configurations to fit every setup.
  • Reliable: we offer continuous support during integration, and also throughout the product’s life cycle.




These are the latest photon-counting X-ray detectors with 75-µm pixel resolution for synchrotron and laboratory setups.



These are compact microstrip detectors that are based on photon-counting technology - the optimal fit both for portable instruments and for building multimodular, large systems.



This complete renewal of the famous PILATUS detector brings DECTRIS' latest photon-counting technology with 150-µm pixel resolution for synchrotron and laboratory setups.


Detector type 2D 2D 1D
Pixel size (W x H) /  Strip Width 75 x 75 µm² 150 x 150 µm² 50 µm
Count rate (max.) 107 ph/s/pixel 107 ph/s/pixel

>1 x 106 ph/s/strip

*All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Key Contact

Marcus Müller
Product Manager - Laboratories, XRD

Sascha Grimm
Product Manager - Synchrotrons


Direct detection of X-rays is one of the key components of hybrid-pixel technology. It is achieved by directly converting X-ray photons into an electrical charge that can be detected and processed electronically. This allows our detectors to count every single photon with an unprecedentedly high dynamic range, but without readout noise.

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