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Specific Solutions

Unleash the power of your research with our custom-made hybrid-pixel detectors.

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DECTRIS Specific Solutions are custom-made, hybrid-pixel detectors that fulfill the individual requirements of even our most demanding customers. Thanks to our concept of modular design, we can realize various geometries with planar or three-dimensional arrangement of the individual modules, thus overcoming any spatial constraints of an experimental setup.

Does your field of interest cover light material such as organic matter? Or, is data treatment very challenging because of parasitic scattering from windows and air gaps? Our customized detectors with special, ultra-low-energy calibrations (thresholds down to 1.6 keV) enable low-energy X-ray detection that will help you improve your data collection.

Our Specific Solutions team has already designed over 100 custom-made detectors based on our hybrid-pixel technology. These talented engineers are up to the challenge of delivering your very own Specific Solution. 

  • Custom geometries: Shape the detector’s active area to match your experimental setup optimally. Obtain X-ray patterns of the highest possible quality via windowless detector operation.
  • Vacuum compatibility: Operate your detector in a vacuum or helium atmosphere and eliminate scattering and air absorption effects that limit your data quality.
  • Special energy calibrations: Explore the energy dimension and collect outstanding spectral information. Perform measurements in the soft X-ray regime.

Past Custom-Made Detectors

Key Contact

Lisa Glatt
Product Manager - Specific Solutions

Specific Solutions at Synchrotron Beamlines and in Laboratories

“Long-term experience with PILATUS detectors at DLS, their high data quality and huge scientific success, encouraged us to start the ambitious in-vacuum, low-energy PILATUS 12M development project with DECTRIS. Most important for realizing a complex beamline project, DECTRIS proved to be a very competent and reliable partner and stayed on schedule.”

Armin Wagner, Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK

“Our collaboration with DECTRIS led to significant improvements in the high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of hot Tokamak and stellarator plasmas. Thanks to the implementation of noise-free, single-photon-counting detectors from DECTRIS in our X-ray imaging crystal spectrometers, it is now possible to perform Doppler measurements of the ion temperature and plasma flow velocity profiles with much higher temporal and spatial resolutions than were previously feasible.”

Manfred Bitter, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton, USA

Specific Solutions Integrated into Laboratory Instruments

Xplorex, “THE PLANET”

”THE PLANET” is a portable X-ray diffraction system that offers extraordinary angular range and resolution.

“Development of ‘THE PLANET’ relied on specific solutions: geometry, cooling, and detector housing. DECTRIS’ expertise and enthusiasm about customizing the housing were contagious, and Huber Diffraction took over its production. Together, we have brought hybrid-pixel technology to portable diffractometers!”

Bert Kinneging, Xplorex


This is a customized WAXS detector inside the XENOCS XEUSS 2.0 SAXS/WAXS system.

“In addition to providing high-quality X-ray detectors for SAXS, the DECTRIS team showed its custom solutions skills, while working with Xenocs on a solution to place the hybrid-pixel detector very close to the sample. This enabled a unique capability for simultaneous SAXS and WAXS measurements.”

Peter Høghøj, CEO, Xenocs

How do Specific Solutions work?

All DECTRIS Specific Solutions are based on the standard hybrid-pixel, photon-counting technology platforms that are seen in our standard products: PILATUS3 and EIGER2 pixel detectors, and MYTHEN2 strip detectors.

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We are happy to answer any questions about us, our detectors, or the process of integrating our detectors into your experimental setup.

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