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Electron Detectors

Make the most of electron microscopy with hybrid-pixel electron detectors.

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Over a decade of development, along with perfection of our hybrid-pixel detection technology, have materialized in our portfolio of electron detectors for Materials Science and Life Sciences research.

Extremely fast, radiation-hard, high-dynamic-range electron detectors will speed up any electron microscopy experiment and deliver high-quality data.

  • Accurate: fast, noise-free electron detection enables single-electron counting.
  • Enhanced: sensor materials are optimized for Materials Science and Life Sciences research.
  • Reliable: we offer continuous support during integration, and also throughout the product’s life cycle.


Materials Science

Get the most out of your samples with DECTRIS’ radiation-hard, hybrid-pixel electron detectors.

Life Sciences

Maximize results from your radiation-sensitive samples with DECTRIS’ electron detectors.

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Luca Piazza
Product Manager - Electron Microscopy


Initially developed for direct X-ray detection, hybrid-pixel technology carries a lot of promise for electron microscopy as well. It enables the direct detection of electrons, offers a high dynamic range and zero readout noise, and delivers the utmost signal-to-noise ratio, with the added advantages of radiation hardness and an elevated frame rate.

The energy of an incident electron is completely absorbed by a biased semiconductor sensor, and this generates a charge pulse. These signals are then processed, digitalized, and counted at a high speed by DECTRIS’ ASIC, delivering images of the highest quality.

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