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Get the most out of your samples with DECTRIS’ radiation-hard, hybrid-pixel electron detectors.

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Electron Microscopy (EM) provides insight at all scales and modalities of Materials Science research: from discovering new materials and understanding their physical and chemical properties to innovating advanced processes and conducting product quality control. With DECTRIS’ hybrid-pixel direct electron detectors, you will collect more information from your sample—faster and without any fuss.

  • Accurate: this technology offers single-electron counting and noise-free detection.
  • Fast: our detectors significantly reduce experiment time and increase instrument throughput.
  • Easy: our detectors integrate straightforwardly into any modern data pipeline or electron microscopy suite.
  • Reliable: a dedicated team of DECTRIS field engineers will help you during integration and throughout the product’s life cycle. 




Even at a frame rate of 120 kHz, this ultra-fast 4D STEM detector does not compromise on dynamic range or sensitivity.



With its continuous readout and noise-free acquisition, DECTRIS QUADRO® detector brings microED and electron imaging techniques to a new level.



Fast, sensitive, and radiation-hard, DECTRIS ELA® electron-counting detector offers unmatched performance in EELS and 4D STEM.


Number of pixels (W x H) 1,028 x 512 192 x 192 512 x 512
Pixel size (W x H) [µm²] 75 x 75 100 x 100 75 x 75
Frame rate (max.) [Hz] 2,250 (16-bit); 4,500 (8-bit) 120,000 2,250 (16-bit); 4,500 (8-bit)
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Luca Piazza
Product Manager - Electron Microscopy


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