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NOVENA Software

NOVENA is DECTRIS’ dedicated software for the display and analysis of 4D STEM datasets obtained with the ARINA detector.

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NOVENA Software

NOVENA is a fast and easy-to-use program that enables the display and analysis of large 4D STEM datasets generated by the ARINA electron-counting detector. It offers an intuitive interface for defining virtual detectors and calculating Center-of-Mass and Differential-Phase-Contrast images. NOVENA is a product developed for DECTRIS by eisTools.


  • Fast data loading and optimized memory management
  • Simultaneous display of image and diffraction space
  • Virtual STEM image calculation and visualization
  • Center-of-mass (CoM) image calculation and visualization
  • Differential Phase-Contrast (DPC)  image calculation and visualization


Getting NOVENA

*please only proceed to download and use NOVENA if you:

(a) will use NOVENA entirely at your own risk and waive any rights regarding losses or damages, including those pertaining to personal injury, finances, profits, or reputation which may be incurred by its use;
(b) will not make any attempt at reverse-compilation of the software.


Windows 10 / 11 (x64) operating system

Intel Core i5 processor, or equivalent (i7 and higher recommended)

16 GB of RAM memory (32 GB or more recommended)

Internal solid-state drive

Key Contact

Luca Piazza
Product Manager - Electron Microscopy

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