DECTRIS Product Life Cycle

For each detector model DECTRIS guarantees five years of support after the last sale of that model. Details are shown below in the tabs of the corresponding detector families. If you cannot find your detector, please contact Please mention the serial number of your detector system for further information.

What does this mean for my detector?

DECTRIS guarantees full support until the End of Support date. After that date, we will always do our best to provide service and support. However, DECTRIS cannot guarantee support for detectors that have reached the End of Support date. There will be no active software development for unsupported systems and updates will not be available. In particular, if server hardware fails and the detector software, including the OS, for the system is not compatible with available hardware, we will not update the detector software. No new service and support contracts are offered for detectors beyond End of Support.

Please have a look at the product family tabs to find your product's end of support schedule.