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EIGER2 for Synchrotrons

EIGER2 X-ray detectors let you take full advantage of the brightest synchrotron sources.

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DECTRIS EIGER2® photon-counting detectors combine a small pixel size of 75 µm, a high speed, and active detector areas that range from very compact to extremely large. With a count-rate capability of 107 ph/s/pixel and  DECTRIS Instant Retrigger® technology, these detectors help researchers take full advantage of the increasing beamline photon fluxes.

EIGER2’s robustness and optional vacuum capability, combined with excellent support and continuous development, make it the most future-proof detector for contemporary beamlines.

  • Fast: EIGER2 detectors offer continuous readout, along with an extremely high frame rate. 
  • More & better data: our detectors have a large active area, two adjustable energy-discriminating thresholds, and a high count rate. There is no readout noise or dark current.
  • Reliable: these detectors feature extremely stable performance and radiation hard design. Delivery terms are guaranteed, thanks to streamlined industrial production and top-notch support over the product’s entire lifetime.



As our fastest and largest X-ray detectors, EIGER2 X/XE hybrid-photon-counting detectors have been developed for the brightest 4th-generation synchrotron sources.


Featuring the highest commercially available resolution and frame rate, our EIGER2 X/XE CdTe detector family has been developed for high-energy applications at synchrotron beamlines.


As our most affordable, latest-generation synchrotron detectors, EIGER2 S hybrid-photon-counting detectors offer beamlines an unbeatable price per pixel without sacrificing resolution.


Frame rate (max.) [Hz] up to 4,500 up to 4,500 up to 1,000
External gating Yes Yes No
Readout time [ms] Continuous Continuous Continuous
Sensor material Silicon (Si) Cadmium telluride (CdTe) Silicon (Si)
Energy range [keV] 6 - 40 8 - 100 6 - 40
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Key Contact

Tilman Donath
Product Manager - High Energy

Sascha Grimm
Product Manager - Synchrotrons


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