Fri, 07.30.2021 - Thu, 08.05.2021

ACA – Structural Science Awakens

This year’s meeting of the American Crystallographic Association celebrates its new tagline “The Structural Science Society”, and we are excited about discussing the newest developments in the fields X-ray and electron science and technology. The meeting will cover the topics on single-crystal and powder diffraction, scattering, cryo electron microscopy and electron diffraction. Our small team is also very happy to present their contributions:

"From lab to synchrotron and back: could better, faster and newer also be more economical?" On Saturday, 31st of July, Dubravka Sisak Jung will present some thoughts on this topic as a part of the session “Economics of Crystallography”.

"Challenging the limits of detection technology" On Wednesday, 4th of August, Marcus Müller will highlight the newest hybrid photon counting detectors for X-ray analyses, as well as DECTRIS’ direct electron detectors for electron microscopy applications. For more details on use of hybrid-pixel detectors in 4D STEM and electron diffraction, make sure to stay at the same session. Shortly after Marcus, Anahita Pakzad, Product Manager Diffraction at GATAN will give a talk on Hybrid-Pixel Detection and Software Automation Streamlining Electron Diffraction Experiments and introduce you to the DECTRIS-powered Stela .  

We wish you a great conference!