Mar 28, 2022 - Apr 01, 2022

DECTRIS at the virtual SRI 2022

The International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation (SRI) is one of the most significant international forums within the community and will be held in a virtual format this year. The conference aims to highlight connections between synchrotron radiation instrumentation, science, and society. 

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DECTRIS Lunchtime Presentation
Join us on Wednesday, 30. March 2022 at 12.45h CET!
Our Product Manager for Specific Solutions, Lisa Glatt , will be telling you about our DECTRIS EIGER2 detector series and some impressive new DECTRIS specific solutions. In the last part of the presentation Dr. Max Burian , Product Manager Synchrotron will announce some exciting EIGER2 news, so be sure not to miss it!

DECTRIS Poster Session
Join us on Wednesday, 30. March 2022, from 17.10h-18:25h CET in the PS 3.1 and on Thursday, 31. March 2022, from 11.30h-12.45h CET in the PS 3.2!
Check out our Poster “EIGER2 CdTe Detectors for Hard X-ray Research” with Dr. Tilman Donath , Product Manager High-Energy. Learn about the advantages of the HPC CdTe technology for high-energy X-ray research and how the detectors’ multi-threshold capabilities can be used to obtain a higher signal-to-noise ratio in such high-energy diffraction experiments. 

DECTRIS Presentation 
Join us on Thursday, 31. March 2022, at 15.55h CET in the (PS11.3) Detectors session!
Look forward to our presentation “The EIGER2 for Advanced X-Ray Diffraction Experiments at Next Generation Synchrotron Sources”, with Dr. Max Burian , Product Manager Synchrotron. Learn more about how our latest HPC detector series DECTRIS EIGER2 is setting new performance standards that push current horizons in X-ray science.