Corporate news // 05.12.2017 // DECTRIS

ALBULA API now available for Windows

ALBULA is a free and versatile viewer and manipulation software for images taken with DECTRIS detectors. Over the years, ALBULA has become an integral part of the experience of using DECTRIS detectors and has spread widely. This was facilitated by the availability of a Python application programming interface (API). With the latest version of ALBULA, we are now extending this powerful resource to our users who work on Windows.

Its Python API makes the functionality of ALBULA available to Python, a high-level programming language that is easy to learn and use. With the ALBULA API and Python, users can code scripts to interactively display, manipulate and convert images taken with DECTRIS detectors, which further improves the usability of the systems. Within Python, images loaded with the API can easily be exported and reimported to numpy, an extremely powerful scientific computing library.

Download ALBULA now to use the Python API for your image analysis and visualisation scripts on Windows. It has never been easier.