03. December 2018

Customer survey: “Very solution-oriented”

Although everyone strives for perfection, a company shows its true colors when something goes wrong. Nobody buys a first-rate detector only to have it stand idle in the corner, so we know that DECTRIS customers have high expectations regarding the service they receive. Earlier this year, we set out to learn how well we have met these expectations, and today, the results are here for you to see.

All end customers who had been in touch with DECTRIS Support during the past year were invited to participate in an online survey. “We are proud to see how happy our customers are,” concludes the DECTRIS Head of Support and Commissioning, Sascha Grimm. “We are also grateful for the amount of good ideas and constructive feedback we received.”

"The commitment of DECTRIS Support was astonishing, in particular when the technician was in the field. Very solution-oriented!" – Max Burian, PostDoc researcher at the Austrian SAXS beamline, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste

The survey inquired about response times, general satisfaction, and other topics, but Grimm’s personal favorite was the question about how well DECTRIS understands its customers’ inquiries and issues. “Our customers are highly experienced specialists, so it is crucial for my team to be well-trained and educated to keep up with the technical and scientific demands,” Grimm says. The team’s efforts have not been in vain: 45% of the respondents said DECTRIS understood their questions very well, and the rest, 55%, said their questions were understood extremely well.

"I'm glad you have a US office now, so we no longer have any time zone discrepancy to deal with." – Marian Szebenyi, Director of the MacCHESS facility at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source.

As a steadily growing company, DECTRIS was able to make one popular wish come true by creating a support team in Philadelphia, USA. The company also has a clear vision for helping its customers make scientific breakthroughs at every beamline and lab while continuing to expand into new, challenging, and exciting fields, such as electron microscopy and medical applications. This means that the Support team needs to keep adding new people and new skills: “We currently have one new opening to expand the Swiss team,” Grimm hints.

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