20. March 2020

DECTRIS Award 2020: application deadline extended

Every year, DECTRIS recognizes researchers who think outside-of-the-box, both from academia and industry, and helps them share their findings with a broader audience at a scientific conference of their choice. Although this year we are facing far more serious challenges than attending a conference, we stay positive and prepare for all exiting events in the future. We want you there with us. This is why we have decided to extend the application deadline till April 20, 2020, and to allow the winners to use the funds to attend the postponed conferences also in 2021.

We invite all researchers using DECTRIS hybrid photon counting detectors in their work to share their unconventional and challenging experiment setups with us and get a chance to win CHF 1,000! Half of the prize money will be used for your participation at a scientific conference of your choice, where you will be able to present your work to your peers. The other half is for you to spend freely, but wisely (how else?). All sorts of applications are welcome: X-ray and electron crystallography, X-ray diffraction, X-ray spectroscopy, software and hardware development, and more. Both published and unpublished research can be submitted. To enter the competition, just hit the “apply now” button below. You will be asked to submit a short abstract (up to 500 words) about your work. Consider that the following elements will make your submission stronger:

  • An unusual experimental setup
  • An uncommon technique (or a combination of techniques)
  • Non-ambient conditions
  • An investigation of an exotic material
  • Novel approaches to data processing

Get inspired by the winners of the previous editions: Prof. Mirijam Zobel (2019) with her innovative yet pragmatic approach to the experimental setup for collecting high-resolution Pair Distribution Function (PDF) data in a lab, and Dr. Markus Osterhoff (2018) with his creative handling of data. We are looking forward to discovering your ideas.

Application deadline extended

If we believe that happiness comes from solving problems, then scientists should be the happiest people around. Unfortunately, dealing with current problems can leave even seasoned scientists overwhelmed. In case there you can add another task to your to-do list, please note that the deadline for DECTRIS award is extended to April 20. Although we cannot promise each other that any conference will be held this year, we encourage you to stay positive and consider your participation in the postponed or next year event. Exceptionally, the winners will be allowed to use their funds in 2021 as well.

Please send us your applications by April 20, 2020 (midnight, CET). A team of DECTRIS reviewers – crystallographers, material scientists, and former beamline scientists – will read your submissions and choose the most cutting-edge scientific contribution. All applicants will be informed about the outcome via e-mail on April 30, 2020.

Stay safe and


For any questions you may have, please contact Dr. Dubravka Šišak Jung at dubravka.sisak@dectris.com.