Corporate news // 22.01.2018 // DECTRIS

DECTRIS CEO a winner of the year

DECTRIS President and CEO Christian Brönnimann was picked as the winner of the year in the category Business Leaders by the Aargauer Zeitung. In its retrospective of 2017, the newspaper praises the success of our company, the continued growth in revenue and number of employees, and our recent expansion to the US. To quote the Swiss Venture Club when it awarded us the Prix SVC Northern Switzerland, Brönnimann has turned innovation and entrepreneurship into lasting economic success.

"I feel very honored to be chosen as one of the winners of 2017," says Brönnimann, "and want to express my thanks to the more than 100 DECTRIS employees for their dedication and hard work."

We are proud of all of these accomplishments and thrilled about being recognized. And we're most excited about our many friends, users, partners and customers who have been with us on a wonderful journey that started more than 11 years ago. Thank you for your loyalty and for sharing your success with us.

Having been chosen a winner in 2017 feels great, and the future looks even brighter. We will continue to develop and deliver the best detectors for your applications. The EIGER2 R 500K, currently integrated into Bruker, STOE and Anton Paar diffractometers, will let you take laboratory X-ray diffraction to the next level. EIGER2 X series detectors  will help you discover the power of next-generation synchrotrons. And you can look forward to the first DECTRIS detector to be used in electron microscopy  in 2018.

We wish you a great new year!