Corporate news // 11.03.2022 // DECTRIS

CEOS and DECTRIS for Excellent Energy Resolution

CEOS and DECTRIS’ teams on one of our first joined commissionings.

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CEOS – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aberration correctors for transmission electron microscopes – is now offering a DECTRIS ELA detector integrated into their energy filtering and imaging device CEFID .

We are excited to announce that CEOS is now offering a DECTRIS ELA hybrid-pixel electron detector integrated in their energy filtering and imaging device CEFID.

CEOS CEFID is very attractive for Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) applications, as its small non-isochromaticity (NI), as well as its long-term stability and reliable reproducibility of optical alignments, guarantees an excellent energy resolution. Specifically optimized for EELS, the DECTRIS ELA is a perfect detector to fully exploit CEFID’s performances! 

We often get asked about the integration of DECTRIS detectors in our devices and we are now happy to be able to offer this option to our customers”, says Dr. Heiko Müller, Chief Executive Officer at CEOS. 

Our electron-counting detector offers best-in-class performance in terms of detector noise, frame rate, and dynamic range, enabling the simultaneous recording of the Zero-Loss Peak (ZLP) and the core-loss features present in a spectrum. Thanks to those specifications, customers who choose the DECTRIS ELA detector will benefit from advanced data collection, significantly reduced experiment time, and straightforward operations.

About CEOS

Corrected Electron Optical Systems GmBH (CEOS) focuses on the research, development, and production of innovative optical components for electron microscopes. Among those are correctors for spherical, chromatic, and coma-type aberrations and monochromators. Founded in 1996 in Germany, the company has meanwhile become the world's leading manufacturer of correctors for electron microscopes.

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