Corporate news // 10.09.2019 // DECTRIS

DECTRIS EM squad on a mission in Berlin!

Electron Microscopy (EM) could use a little counting! #makEMcount was our squad’s goal at the Microscopy Conference in Berlin this year: the event was the perfect platform for exchanging ideas, scouting new technologies, and networking with the thought leaders in the field. DECTRIS used this opportunity to introduce its proprietary hybrid pixel technology and to present direct electron-counting detectors that target various EM applications, positioning the company as a new and game-changing player on the market.

The halls of the Technical University of Berlin were crawling with people: PhD students, developers, experimental scientists, professors, and experts. They were all looking for new ideas, latest equipment and scientific methods, as well as news in the field of Electron Microscopy (EM). Few could resist the charm of our EM team, the sweetness of Swiss chocolate, and the interesting discussions at our booth. Indeed, we had a lot to share: our latest achievements, the benefits our technology could bring to EM, and three direct electron-counting detectors – QUADROELA, and CRISTALLINA.

Bits and bytes of several collaborations with leading EM experts and in-house experiments came together at an educational lunchtime seminar given by our Business Development Manager EM, Sacha De Carlo. The attendees – some of whom had to sit on the stairs of the overpacked auditorium – showed genuine interest in DECTRIS technology and the results presented. This sparked many in-depth discussions that helped us learn more about the EM industry’s needs. In turn, our potential business partners found out more about all the technical properties of our detectors, such as speed, high dynamic range, instant retrigger, continuous readout, and noise-free acquisition.

Inspired and motivated, we are back in Baden-Dättwil looking forward to working on new projects and ideas with our interlocutors form Berlin. Join the discussion, #makEMcount with us.

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