Corporate news // 13.11.2019 // DECTRIS

EIGER2 product family continues to grow

This year DECTRIS extended the EIGER2 product line with two new families. EIGER2 XE, introduced in July, is the biggest and fastest detector on the market meant to support cutting-edge research at synchrotron sources. The EIGER2 R family, launched in August, packaged the tested and tried technology into detectors suitable for home laboratories. In December we have something new, so stay tuned!

The biggest and fastest DECTRIS detector so far is the EIGER2 XE, which was developed for synchrotron users in order to push the envelope in applications like macromolecular crystallography (MX), materials science, or small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS). The detector series features all the benefits from the original EIGER2 X series – plus ultimate speed. The series was launched  at the American Crystallographic Association’s (ACA) Annual Meeting in July.

In August, DECTRIS unveiled the EIGER2 R detector series, taking the essential features from the synchrotron series and packaging them in a product suitable for home laboratories. The dual-energy discrimination enables suppression of low- and high-energy background, while the absence of detector background, the superior count rate performance and simultaneous read and write provide more than ten orders of dynamic range. And let’s not forget about the high sensitivity and resolution achieved by direct detection, the go-to DECTRIS technology.

The EIGER2 R 1M and 4M detectors were unveiled at the DECTRIS Lunchtime Seminar  during the European Crystallographic Meeting in August, and they are available from our partners Anton Paar, marXperts, STOE, and Xenocs. The first EIGER2 R 1M detectors have already been shipped to our partners, and the bigger sibling, 4M, will see its first delivery in December.

December 2019 is an exciting month for DECTRIS. We are looking forward to sending the EIGER2 R 4M as well as more and more EIGER2 X systems out to the world; and the Holidays are, of course, always special. But this December we also travel to Singapore for the Asian Crystallographic Association (AsCA) conference with some news: yet another EIGER2 family member will be introduced to the audience at a lunchtime seminar.
If you are coming to Singapore, join the seminar and come check us out at the booth! If you can’t make it, stay tuned for further news about our growing EIGER2 family.