Corporate news // 16.10.2018 // DECTRIS

EIGER2 R Detectors for Laboratory

During last week’s Small Angle Scattering Conference, DECTRIS announced the upcoming new EIGER2 R detector series. Thanks to dual energy discrimination, the new detector series allows for suppression of low as well as high energy background. This is a major benefit in particular in laboratory SAXS. The new EIGER2 R 1M and 4M detectors complement the previously released EIGER2 R 500K to form a complete series with a detector for every need.

Dark count suppresion thanks to dual energy discrimination. Grey: Dark counts for EIGER with single energy discriminator set to 4 keV. Blue: Dark counts for EIGER2 R 500K with low energy discriminator at 4 keV as function of high energy discriminator setting. Dual energy discrimination achieves fivefold reduction of the environmental background.

In addition to dual energy discrimination, all state-of-the art features of HPC technology are combined in our most advanced detector series for laboratory applications. Superior count rate performance enables accurate measurements of highest intensities. Take full advantage of the detector series' vast dynamic range during long exposures using simultaneous read/write with zero dead time. Thanks to the optional vacuum compatibility, absorption and scatter from air and windows can be minimized. Small pixels in combination with direct detection achieve high spatial and angular resolution and let you finely sample a wide range of reciprocal space. Choose from three different models to match your need for the largest active area or a compact and economical design.

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