12. June 2018


The EIGER2 X CdTe detector series combines the high absorption efficiency of CdTe at high X-ray energies with the speed and spatial resolution of a Hybrid Photon Counting detector with 75 µm pixels.

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Measured and simulated quantum efficiency (QE) of EIGER2 X CdTe as a function of X-ray energy.

EIGER2 X CdTe detectors are for scientists who need the highest resolution and frame rates at high energies. You can now detect photons with energies of up to 100 keV with a spatial resolution at the single-pixel level of 75 μm. Thanks to dead-time free readout, you won‘t lose photons between frames. The second energy discriminating threshold allows you to image your samples in two energy bins or cut higher harmonics to reduce background. Prepare your beamline for the future with a maximum count rate capability of 107 photons/s/pixel.

EIGER2 X CdTe detectors combine highest performance with ease of integration and operation.

Key Advantages

  • High quantum efficiency, up to 100 keV
  • No image lag or afterglow
  • Count rate capability 107 photons/s/pixel 
  • Two energy discriminating thresholds
  • Gateable detection for pump & probe experiments 
  • Large active area