23. August 2017

EIGER2 X - Discover the true potential of your beamline

The EIGER2 X detector series combines the advantages of the PILATUS3 retrigger functionality with the high spatial resolution of EIGER.

Our latest detector generation extends noise-free single-photon counting to unprecedented count rates. With the addition of two thresholds and the ability to gate single exposures, you can realize your most ambitious projects. EIGER2 X provides the detection technology for 4th generation synchrotron sources. Prepare your beamline for the future.

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Count rate comparison between EIGER and EIGER2 systems at 12 keV photon energy

Key Advantages

  • Hybrid Photon Counting technology
  • Count rate capability 107 counts/s/pixel
  • Two energy discriminating thresholds
  • Gateable detection for pump & probe experiments
  • Large active area for wide angular coverage