13. November 2019

From atomic to macroscopic scale in 100 seconds

Do you want to learn more about hybrid photon counting detectors and their field of application, but are not in the mood to go through another technical presentation? You are in luck because we are in the mood to entertain! Take a 2-minute break and watch our DECTRIS movie “From Atomic to Macroscopic Scale in 100 Seconds”. If you are down for more fun, join our user competition.

Directed by: DECTRIS, Cleverclip
Screenplay by: DECTRIS
Starring: HPC detectors, X-rays, researchers, scientists, synchrotrons, labs, industry, Dectrologists
Genre: Detector Movie

It has been 13 years since HPC detector and X-rays embarked on a mission to find high-quality data that will help bring science and technology forward! On this mission, the protagonists test numerous applications, from atomic to macroscopic scale, collecting success stories that serve as a clue for detecting the future. An adventure based on real events.

Runtime: 100 s
Color: color
Country: Switzerland

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Stay tuned for the new movies and animations produced by our creative teams!