29. March 2017

10,000 PILATUS structures in PDB

Today, the 10,000th structure determined with PILATUS data was released by the PDB. It was determined with a PILATUS 2M detector at beamline I04-1 of Diamond Light Source. The winning entry belongs to a set of several hundred deposited by Frank von Delft's group following a project to establish a fully automated workflow for ligand screening. The first author of the deposition (PDB code 5PQ7) and the associated publication in Nature Communications, Nicholas Pearce, wins a trip for two to Switzerland and up Mount Pilatus (more info).
The first PILATUS 6M detector for macromolecular crystallography was commissioned at the Swiss Light Source in 2006, but the first system built by DECTRIS entered operation at Diamond Light Source in 2009. PILATUS detectors are not only renowned for the quality of data they measure but also for their reliability. All PILATUS 6M remain in use, though beamlines increasingly favor EIGER X 16M detectors, the new standard for cutting-edge MX.
At the current pace – more than 50% of crystal structures released by the PDB in 2017 so far have been determined with PILATUS or EIGER data – the next big celebration will take place in early 2019.