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Nicolas Pilet becomes DECTRIS Head of Sales

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Nicolas has worked at DECTRIS since 2017, when he became our product manager for customized detectors, Specific Solutions. Now this experimental physicist can take advantage of his experience on finding optimal solutions for customers, as he took over the lead of our Sales team on July 1st.

Nicolas has a physics degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and a PhD from Basel University. He came to DECTRIS with experience as a beamline scientist supporting users, and since then he has served the SAXS and plasma fusion community and learned to understand the customer perspective even better. Nicolas is particularly proud of the delivery of the 100th Specific Solution, a custom-made detector, last year.

“After spending almost four years developing the optimal customized solution with each customer, I am looking forward to keeping the same spirit in my new position”, Nicolas says. “My team and I are striving to not only offer the product that best matches the user's needs, but also with services optimized for our OEM partners, distributors, and end customers. I want to make sure that buying a DECTRIS detector is not a difficult process but an easy solution, so that scientists can use their time to pursue great research using great detectors.”

The DECTRIS Marketing and Sales department made a successful internal promotion by appointing Nicolas to this sales position. He had the scientific background, the operational sales experience and the service mindset that the team needed. “Internal promotions make for smoother transitions, and they also cause a positive domino effect that gives many more people new opportunities to grow within the company”, rejoices Clemens Schulze-Briese, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and head of the Marketing and Sales department.

Nicolas Pilet - New Head of Sales

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