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SHIMADZU and DECTRIS announce supply agreement for MYTHEN2 R 1K detectors

Kyoto/Baden, February 2018

Mr. Furukawa, General Manager of X-ray/Surface Business Unit, Analytical & Measuring Instrument Division at SHIMADZU Corporation and Mr. Schulze-Briese, Vice President and CSO at DECTRIS, signed a frame contract regarding the delivery of MYTHEN2 R 1K detectors for SHIMADZU’s X-ray diffraction systems.

MYTHEN 1K detectors have already been integrated in SHIMADZU’s XRD-6100 and 7000 diffractometers in 2014. Marketed as OneSight, the MYTHEN 1K allowed for up to 25 times faster measurements in the scanning mode, and a high angular coverage in a single shot mode. Years of stable performance and excellent data have made the upgrade to MYTHEN2 straightforward.

Mr. Furukawa says: “We are satisfied with smaller footprint, longer warranty period and the high performance of MYTHEN2 R 1K. And it was easy to upgrade to MYTHEN2 R 1K from MYTHEN 1K. Our XRD system gains credibility for Asbestos analysis which is required especially in Japan and China. Shimadzu will meet the needs of this application using the MYTHEN2 R 1K system.”

Mr. Schulze-Briese says: “Founded in 1875, SHIMADZU is renowned for its analytical equipment. We are proud that a company with such a long tradition has chosen DECTRIS as their partner in the XRD business. Our MYTHEN2 R 1K is a professional solution for a laboratory use. It complies with the requirements of industrial and research environments, and we are confident that it will serve the users to their fullest satisfaction.”

About DECTRIS Ltd.

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