Success Stories // 12.09.2017 // DECTRIS

mardtb at Barkla Lab upgraded with EIGER R 4M

An EIGER R 4M detector has been installed in the Barkla X-ray Laboratory of Biophysics at the University of Liverpool. This is the first EIGER R 4M to be operated on a mardtb. Made by marXperts, these goniometers continue to impress with innovative features. In the past, relatively slow image plates were the detector of choice for laboratory applications. Upgrading them with a fast, noise-free Hybrid Photon Counting detector is a straightforward way of raising the performance of the diffractometer.

Claudio Klein, Managing Director of marXperts, is proud to offer the entire range of DECTRIS laboratory detectors for X-ray crystallography as upgrades to existing mardtbs as well as with newly installed systems. While the PILATUS3 R 1M is the largest modern detector on the market and a rival in size to image plates, the new EIGER R 4M has a pixel count that just a few years ago only powerful synchrotron beamlines could provide. Both are now available for ambitious laboratories.

Shortly after the installation of the EIGER R 4M, Samar Hasnain, a director of the Barkla Lab, summarized the preceding days as an excellent partnership. "The detector was installed on the 15th of August and commissioned without problems on the 16th. We collected data on the 16th and 17th and promptly solved the structure. The model was built and refined on the 17th and 18th and slides were ready for a presentation on the 19th."

His colleague and co-director of the Laboratory, Svetlana Antonyuk, added, "Our work on 'damage-free' structures of redox enzymes critically depends on best data. Having a noise-free detector in the lab will let us obtain high-quality models to correlate with 'damage-free' structures obtained at free-electron lasers."

Marcus Müller, product manager laboratory at DECTRIS, comments: "With this installation, the fifth laboratory has chosen to upgrade to the best detector system available for single-crystal diffraction. We're looking forward to the science coming out of the National Cancer Institute, the Institut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire, Virginia Commonwealth University, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Barkla Lab getting a real boost."

To get your lab going on the path to better data, contact our OEM partners marXpertsRigaku and STOE for an upgrade to an EIGER R 4M. For more information on the detector, visit theEIGER R 4M product page.