The DECTRIS team is focused on the customer. Detecting the future is about enabling our customers to concentrate on science without worrying about the functionality of their technical equipment. DECTRIS colleagues work as team within the company and with our customers. Our comprehensive technological knowledge and industrial-scale production capabilities provide consistent product quality and on-time delivery. Our noise-free, spectral, and fast X-ray detectors generate better data so customers can stay ahead of the competition.

Dr. Christian Brönnimann (CEO)

Under the direction of Christian Brönnimann, our chief executive officer, DECTRIS has become the number one supplier of scientific X-ray detectors in only 10 years. Today, Christian possesses even greater visions of future applications for our detector technology.

Dr. Clemens Schulze-Briese (Vice President & CSO)

More than 20 years of synchrotron experience help Clemens Schulze-Briese, our chief scientific officer, understand our customers and applications. He works with our marketing and sales teams to advance X-ray science, while providing optimal service and support for the community.

Andreas Borner (CFO & Head of HR)

Before joining DECTRIS, Andreas Borner, our chief financial officer, helped manage several high-tech small/medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Heading both our finance and information technology (IT) departments, he ensures smooth operation of the company.

Dr. Matthias Schneebeli (CTO)

Matthias Schneebeli has driven the development of our detectors with unswerving passion since 2007. His team has delivered the world’s fastest X-ray camera and the largest cadmium telluride (CdTe) HPC detector.

Markus Willimann, Dipl. El. Ing. FH (COO)

Markus Willimann leads our operations team. DECTRIS is the biggest company in the world capable of producing HPC detectors on an industrial scale.


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