Aug 23, 2023 - Aug 27, 2023

DECTRIS at IUCr 2023

We are excited to meet you in Melbourne, Australia for the 26th congress and general assembly of the International Union of Crystallography: IUCr 2023.

Meet Us at Booth #10
Join us at the exhibition from Wednesday, August 23 to Sunday, August 27 and meet our team! Let's chat over some coffee & Swiss chocolates!
On Thursday, August 24 in the afternoon; come by for some ice-cream!

DECTRIS PILATUS4 Launch - Lunchtime Seminar
Be sure to join our lunchtime seminar on Wednesday, August 23 at 12:10pm in room 212/213 for the launch of DECTRIS PILATUS4, the next generation of our famous photon-counting pixel detector - offering an unprecedented combination of a large active area and speed. Each participant will receive a surprise goodie at the end, so don’t miss out. 

You know it is not an IUCr conference without the famous DECTRIS party! This time, join us on Thursday, August 24 at 7:30pm for our “Melbourne Laneway”-themed party at the State Library Victoria! Look forward to great food, entertainment, and lots of dancing! 
Visit our booth and get your ticket for the party.*

*Entry to the party is possible only with a ticket. Please note that this event will be photographed, and the photos may be used by DECTRIS for promotional purposes.


A practical approach to synchrotron experiments
Date: Monday, August 21
Time: 8:00am - 1:00pm
Organised by the Swiss Society for Crystallography
Hosts: Dr. Dubravka Sisak Jung and Prof. Simon Grabowsky

Advances in macromolecular microcrystallography: innovations in production, detection, handling, and data collection 
Presentation title: The HiLiDe Crystallization Method for Membrane Proteins
Speaker: Dr. Sofia Trampari, Application Scientist for Crystallography
Session 1: Production and visualization
Date: Monday, August 21
Time: 1:45pm-2:35pm
Room: 208

Electron Crystallography School 
Speaker: Dr. Clemens Schulze-Briese
Presentation title: Transforming 3DED and cryoEM at 100 kV with direct hybrid pixel detectors
Date: Monday, August 21

Time-resolved synchrotron PXRD of additive manufacturing process using a hybrid-photon-counting EIGER2 CdTe detector
Speaker: Dr. Tilman Donath, Product Manager for High Energy
Session: A091 - Advanced Characterization of Additive Manufacturing using Synchrotron and Neutron-Scattering Methods
Date: Thursday, August 24
Time: 4:05pm - 6:30pm
Room: 220

Advanced detector and data pipeline design to fully utilize experiments at next-generation synchrotron sources
Speaker: Dr. Stefan Brandstetter, Head of Product Management
Session: A109 - Data-Driven Science: Current Status and Outlook
Date: Friday, August 25 
Time: 1:10pm - 3:35pm
Room: 220

Reducing errors and increasing accuracy of small-molecule crystal structures
Speaker: Dr. Dubravka Sisak Jung, Scientific Liaison
Session: A078 - What Every Crystallographer Should Know About Powder Diffraction
Date: Sunday, August 27
Time: 1:10pm - 3:35pm
Rooms: 212/13

Exploiting coherent, 4th-generation light with fast X-ray detectors
With Dr. Max Burian, Product Manager

DECTRIS detectors for Electron Diffraction
With Dr. Daniel Stroppa, Application Scientist for Electron Microscopy