Electron microscopy // 03.07.2020 // DECTRIS

Electron diffraction with hybrid pixel technology

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In 2018, a paper on the rapid structure determination of microcrystalline molecular compounds using Electron Diffraction (ED) paved the way to a new exiting venture for newly-founded company ELDICO Scientific. Their electron diffractometer will add value to single-crystal electron crystallography in structural chemistry and pharma. It can become an innovative, high-throughput, and cost-effective alternative to standard X-ray powder diffraction techniques, and DECTRIS detectors have a role to play. In his interview with ELDICO, Sacha De Carlo, DECTRIS Business Development Manager EM, talks about the advantages of Hybrid Pixel Detectors for the application and shares his outlook on the future of electron diffraction. Follow the link to read the interview.

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