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DECTRIS Builds Closer Ties with Chinese Electron Microscopy Community with Shanghai Winner

DECTRIS and Shanghai Winner teams come together in Shanghai to strengthen their partnership in electron microscopy.

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In order to strengthen our relationship with the Chinese Electron Microscopy (EM) community, we at DECTRIS have been actively engaging with them for the past few months. During two major EM conferences in China, DECTRIS' official distributor in China, Shanghai Winner, successfully introduced DECTRIS and our product portfolio to the Chinese EM community, generating significant interest. Additionally, DECTRIS conducted EM Detectors related Marketing and Sales and Application training for Shanghai Winner and visited key institutions in China to better understand the current needs of the Chinese EM community and offer tailored solutions in the future.

Advancements in science and technology have the incredible ability to transcend geographic and linguistic barriers. In early 2023, DECTRIS took a step towards dismantling these barriers by partnering with Shanghai Winner International Trading Co. Ltd (上海微纳国际贸易有限公司) through a distribution agreement. This partnership represents a significant step towards building closer ties with the Chinese electron microscopy community and enabling Chinese scientists to benefit from our state-of-the-art hybrid-pixel direct electron detectors. By catering to their specific needs and providing optimal solutions, we aim to enable Chinese researchers to achieve new heights in their research endeavors.

Over the past few months, DECTRIS has been actively engaging with the Chinese EM community. In February and March, our distributor Shanghai Winner participated in two major EM conferences in China: the Beijing Electron Microscopy Annual Conference (北京市电子显微学年会) and the East China Electron Microscopy Conference (华东地区电子显微学学术交流会). These conferences provided an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking. Numerous international companies joined these conferences.

As part of our presence at the conferences, Shanghai Winner's team gave a presentation about DECTRIS and our electron detectors: DECTRIS ARINA, DECTRIS ELA, DECTRIS SINGLA, and DECTRIS QUADRO. The presentation was received with great interest, and we are grateful to Shanghai Winner for their hard work and dedication in representing our brand at such significant events.

Xiaomin Ge from Shanghai Winner wowed the crowd at the Beijing Electron Microscopy Annual Conference with an engaging presentation on DECTRIS, leaving attendees impressed and eager to learn more.

Dr. Hongqiao Ju, application engineer of Shanghai Winner, captivated the audience at the East China Electron Microscopy Conference with a dynamic presentation showcasing our impressive product portfolios.

"We were honored to attend these two Conferences and represent DECTRIS. Our presentation was well-received, and we were thrilled to see the interest and enthusiasm for DECTRIS' products from attendees. We look forward to collaborating closely with DECTRIS to provide exceptional service to our Chinese customers," said Michael Heng, the CEO of Shanghai Winner.

To further strengthen our partnership with Shanghai Winner, our Head of Sales (Dr. Nicolas Pilet), Sales Manager Electron Microscopy (Dr. Herve Remigy), Head of Support (Sascha Grimm), Product Manager Specific Solutions (Lisa Glatt), and Sales Manager Asia Pacific  (Dr. Mifang Lu) conducted a two-day intensive training for their sales and application team in March.

During this visit, we also jointly visited various research centers and institutions with Shanghai Winner, such as the Fudan University, the Shanghai University of Science and Technology, the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Shanghai Protein Center, to better understand the current needs of the Chinese EM community and offer tailored solutions in the future.

Shanghai Winner CEO Michael Heng leads Dr. Hervé Remigy and Lisa Glatt on a tour of the Centre for High-Resolution Electron Microscopy in Shanghai

Exploring collaborative opportunities: Dr. Hervé Remigy, Dr. Lisa Glatt, and Shanghai Winner CEO Michael Heng visit Fudan University in Shanghai

The partnership between DECTRIS and Shanghai Winner is expected to enhance the availability and accessibility of cutting-edge technology in the Chinese EM market, promoting new scientific discoveries and advancements. If you have any questions or inquiries about our products or electron microscopy needs, feel free to reach out to our team at sales@dectris.com. We're here to help you find the best solutions for your research needs and are committed to providing you with the best possible service.

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