Featured beamlines // 22.04.2020 // DECTRIS

The dream detecting system at the Taiwan Photon Source, NSRRC

The NSSRC TPS13A BioSAXS construction team presents, with a big sweet smile, the recent progress on a BioSAXS dream detecting system, together with the NJ precision and the DECTRIS.

From design, to fabrication, to assembly, and to test, overcoming countless difficulties and impossibilities with collective wisdom and accumulated efforts, the TPS Eiger 9M SAXS detector system now well situates on the 10-axis platform, and moves freely inside the detector vacuum vessel and functions well.

Commented by Nicolas​ from the detector Co. DECTRIS: "Actually your beamline with a large EIGER in vacuum is completely unique (there is so far only one EIGER 9M in vacuum, it is yours)."

Carrying the EIGER X 9M-TPS detector, three beamstop systems, and the sealed box for the preamp of the photodiodes and two cameras with lighting, the detector stage is like an aircraft carrier sailing in the space of vacuum for picking up scattering X-rays. Yes, all these motions are remote-controlled from a computer outside the endstation and monitored with the camera.

There are still thousands of tests need to be done. Yet, it won't be long from now, to see the first image of the EIGER 9M detector. The detector system will be looking forwards to see its users. Therefore, keep good health through the period of COVID-19 era.

Acknowledgment: The content of this message is kindly provided by the BioSAXS beamline at the TPS, NSRRC.


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