Corporate news // 14.12.2016 // DECTRIS

Firmware 4.1 for MYTHEN2 released

The version 4.1 extends the flexibility of the systems by allowing users to upload their own flatfield files onto the system. Excellent data can now be obtained in various instrumental setups.
Modern diffractometers can be quickly adapted for a particular experimental setup by changing parameters such as filter, voltage or detector threshold. When aiming for the optimal data quality, these changes should be taken into account. This can be done by collecting a flatfield under the exact experimental conditions of your measurement, and using your flatfield for data correction.
Firmware 4.1 enables upload of four flatfield files, without overwriting DECTRIS original data. System check and interchange of active correction files take only several simple commands to the socket interface. Using the Web Client, perfect data is just a few clicks away.
“X-ray powder diffraction technique is outgrowing its basic definitions and use. Thanks to the accuracy of MYTHEN laboratory data, we can already discuss difference Fourier maps and quantification limits well below 1%. Going further means achieving additional quality and flexibility - in current and future applications. Custom-made data correction is another step to help our customers stay ahead of their competition “ concludes Dubravka Šišak Jung, application scientist at DECTRIS.
For the upgrade of your MYTHEN2 firmware, please contact