Corporate news // 24.01.2017 // DECTRIS

Now detecting electrons too!

Always passionate about electron microscopy, Sacha De Carlo started using EM more than twenty years ago at the University of Lausanne, where he majored in Biology and Physics in 1998. Intrigued by three-dimensional models of viruses obtained with cryo-electron microscopy data, processed on graphic workstations, he decided to continue exploring with EM and obtained a Ph.D. in biophysics in the lab of Prof. Jacques Dubochet, also in Lausanne. Sacha continued his academic career in France (IGBMC, Strasbourg) and the U.S., with postdocs in Berkeley (California) and Boulder (Colorado), culminating with a faculty position at CUNY in New York City.
Sacha left academia in 2011 and switched to industry, when he decided to work for one of the major electron microscope manufacturers, based in the Netherlands. There he was in charge of the life science applications team in the EMEAI Nanoport, the centre of technical excellence that serves as demo lab and training centre for customers as well as employees.
Born in Locarno (TI), Sacha returned to his home country and joined DECTRIS in June 2016 and is responsible for business development electron microscopy. He is working closely with the DECTRIS product development team and with EM manufacturers to deliver the next generation of direct electron detectors to the EM community.

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