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DECTRIS and ELDICO enter a partnership agreement to advance electron diffraction

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ELDICO Scientific set out to bring a faster and a more efficient way of analysis of solid compounds to the scientific and industrial markets. To this end, the company develops and manufactures a novel electron diffractometer. DECTRIS will support ELDICO in this journey and supply the company with its hybrid-pixel electron detector, the QUADRO.

ELDICO Scientific and their novel electron diffractometer.

ELDICO Scientific AG, manufacturer of novel electron diffractometers and DECTRIS have signed an OEM agreement for the supply of DECTRIS hybrid-pixel electron detectors. ELDICO will equip its systems with the QUADRO detector.

Specifically designed for materials science application, the QUADRO detector provides the users with a great deal of flexibility in planning their experiment, as it is an extremely sensitive electron-counting detector but it can withstand the direct diffraction beam due to its radiation hardness (no need for a beam stopper for 200 kV electrons). Its fast readout and noise-free detection guarantee the most accurate data acquisition. Integrated in the dedicated electron diffractometer, the QUADRO is the ideal detector for any diffraction-based study.

“DECTRIS detectors meet the stringent requirements of the novel electron diffractometers that ELDICO manufactures for academic research as well as pharmaceutical, agrochemical, specialty chemical and nanotechnology applications,” said Dr. Eric Hovestreydt, CEO of ELDICO Scientific. “Reliable, robust, and cutting-edge, they are a perfect match for our system.”

The combined effort of both companies will materialize in the first electron diffractometer in the market. The collaboration will add value to single crystal electron crystallography in structural chemistry and pharma, as an innovative high-throughput and cost-effective strategy alternative for standard powder diffraction techniques using X-rays.

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