Success Stories // 22.04.2016 // DECTRIS

First EIGER structure in PDB

First structure in PDB based on data collected with EIGER X 4M
Baden, 22 Apr 2016.
 The first protein structure solved from data collected with a DECTRIS EIGER detector was released by the PDB this week. The crystal structure of PsoE (PDB code 5fhi), an enzyme in the biosynthetic pathway of pseurotin, a fungal secondary metabolite with wide-ranging biological activities of medicinal importance, was solved from data collected at beamline BL-1A of Photon Factory, an endstation designed for low-energy experiments. The goniometer and two EIGER X 4M detectors are housed in a helium-filled enclosure to avoid errors due to absorption and scattering by air. The structure is part of a paper published in Angew Chem Int Ed Engl.