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Preparing for EPDIC: Tips, Tricks, and Trivia

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This year’s European Conference on Powder Diffraction (EPDIC) is taking place in Šibenik, Croatia. There are many reasons to get excited: a long history of great EPDICs, an in-person meeting in a coastal city, great organizers, and an interesting scientific program. For DECTRIS, the excitement is even bigger, as some of our representatives are “taking the conference home”. Our experts for Croatia, Šibenik, crystallography and powder diffraction share a couple of tips, tricks and trivia.

For the last fifteen years, DECTRIS has been regularly attending the European Powder Diffraction Conference , and this year the excitement is tripled: Dr. Marcus Müller and Dr. Dubravka Sisak Jung are seasoned crystallographers and powder diffractionists, and  Ms. Adela Bekic is a marketing specialist. Also, Dubravka and Adela have a special relation to the venue: both are originally from Croatia. 
Here are their thoughts and advice before and during your trip to EPDIC.

Science, crystallography, and powder diffraction

Crystallography is a big thing in Croatia. Not only is the subject taught in the form of several courses at the Faculty for Natural Sciences and Mathematics, there are also many groups looking into wonders of ordered and disordered solid-state matter. We featured some of this work: in situ structural transformations and the Laboratory for Green Synthesis at the Ruder Boskovic institute . The Green lab meanwhile has split into two groups, meaning that there will be more science stories to come! 

At the EPDIC, you will also get a chance to meet other labs, such as ones from Dr. Aleksandar Visnjevac (organizer), Dr. Jasminka Popovic (organizer), and Dr. Ivan Halasz. DECTRIS will be somewhere around the booth, but also at many microsymposia: Dubravka will give a talk on structure determination (MS-08), while Marcus will have a poster on performing fast PXRD measurements. 

Welcome to Šibenik crystallographers et al.! Fun fact: the locals say that it is inappropriate to have weddings in May. Check with our experts why.

In Šibenik… and around

When thinking (googling) about the Šibenik region, one of the first things that pops up is Krka National Park , famous for its waterfalls and a hydroelectric power plant built by Nikola Tesla, which made Šibenik the first city to have a public light system! The visit is very much worthwhile doing, but our EPDIC crew also recommends exploring it to a greater extent, by walking, biking or driving: 

  • Check medieval fortresses along the Krka river! Dubravka’s favorite: Kljucica !
  • Enjoy a short boat trip to a monastery Visovac
  • Bicycle enthusiasts like our Marcus can check bike routes in the region.

Useful to know: the memorial center Nikola Tesla is not in Krka National park, but approximately 150 km away in his birthplace, Smiljan .

Visovac monastery – combining botanical pleasures with some cultural topics. A possibility for conversations on X-ray diffraction for cultural heritage investigations might be limited.
Stone, stone, stone, stone. Let us know if anyone is thinking about bringing a portable diffractometer.

Krka National Park still sounds too touristy? Why not going to the Vransko lake ? An interesting nature park with hiking, biking and kayaking possibilities.

You prefer sea to lakes and rivers? Šibenik archipelago is the right the place for you! The small islands such as Zlarin and Prvić are car-free and easily accessible by boat lines. At Prvić, make sure to engage in 16th century technology and check what Faust Vrancic was inventing back then.

An alternative: do it like Dubravka and kayak around !

Of course, as any other adventure, also this one should be done only after all sessions are absolved, including structure determination, X-ray instrumentation, X-ray detectors, and in situ powder diffraction. 

So, you don’t have enough time for full-day adventures? Check out the outskirts of Šibenik. Adela is already smiling when thinking about walks along the St Anthony promenade and getting a tour to see St Nicholas water fortress

Local style: Mediterranen dishes with a twist

We are sure that you will not able to miss classical specialties such as fish, Swiss chard, calamari, and shrimps. For all you foodies out there, check also smoked ham from the region of Drniš (“Drniški prsut”), red wine Babić from Primošten region and Skradin risotto (  "Skradinski rizot" ).

While strolling around the city, make sure to smile because everyone is a celebrity in Šibenik! The local news ŠibenikIn is always around to take pictures of happy people and publish it on their online portal.

It is almost safe to say that everyone likes kids, but Šibenik likes them a lot! Every year, Šibenik is hosting the  Children's festival , and the whole city turns into a playground. This year the festival takes place from 18.06. to 2.07., so there is a good chance that you’ll miss it, but there is always a next time!

As of April 30th, the St. Nicholas water fort is open for visitors after a long restauration, so bring your cameras and detect some scattered rays in the sunset. Particularly recommended for pair distribution function and total scattering people.

We are looking forward to meeting you at EPDIC
Have a great trip and a great conference! 

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