Scientific Contributions

D. Šišak Jung: Crystallography courses and industry: hand in hand across the land;
(MS-032: Crystallography courses around the world 8/23/2017)

D. Šišak Jung: Discussion panel Crystallography in Africa, 24/08/2017

D. Šišak Jung: Adenine phase transformations in situ: crystalline, non-crystalline and in between
(MS-058: Powder diffraction & polymorphism, 8/25/2017)

S. Brandstetter: Coherent X-Ray Experiments at 9000 Hz
(MS-077: Coherence, spectroscopy and time resolved crystallography with new sources, 8/26/2017)

M. Müller: A new electron-counting detector for electron diffraction
(MS-105: New instrumental developments for electron crystallography,  8/27/2017)

M. Müller:  Ultra-high resolution charge density studies in the home lab
(MS-112: Laboratory sources vs. large-scale facilities for charge density studies)

A.Förster: Gentle data collection at laboratory X-ray sources
(MS-073: Minimizing radiation damage)