DECTRIS detector upgrades for mardtb users

Designed for synchrotron applications and famously dependable, mardtb goniometers are an excellent choice for laboratory diffractometers. They impress with advanced features like automatic beam alignment for maximum flux and crystal centering at the click of a button. No matter how old, they are compatible with the latest upgrades like MetalJet sources and remote operation, and enjoy full technical support.

DECTRIS USA and marXperts have now teamed up to bring detector upgrades to North America. If you operate a mardtb goniometer, you can replace your slow image plate or noisy CCD with a state-of-the-art EIGER or PILATUS detector. Your new detector will be integrated into your existing system by marXperts and supported by DECTRIS USA.

Restore the value of your diffractometer and collect great data to advance your research without having to wait for synchrotron time.

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