DECTRIS award for innovative researchers

The DECTRIS Award recognizes innovative researchers and helps them share their findings with a broader audience at a scientific conference. Last year, Markus Osterhoff received the prize for his contribution to data processing, and he presented his work at the International Conference for Synchrotron Radiation in Taipei. The second DECTRIS Award widens the scope: in addition to X-ray research, we would love to see applications from scientists working in electron detection!


If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Dubravka Sisak Jung at



The winner of the DECTRIS Award will receive CHF 1000. You must use half of the award money to attend your chosen conference, while the remaining CHF 500 is yours to spend in any way you like.


Any researcher, who has used a DECTRIS HPC detector to obtain scientific results in an innovative, unusual, or difficult way, is eligible to apply for the DECTRIS Award. All scientific and industrial uses are welcome, be it in X-ray or electron detection, or in software or hardware development.

The following elements will make your submission stronger:

  • A novel application
  • An uncommon technique (or combination of techniques)
  • Operando or in-situ studies 
  • The investigation of an exotic material
  • Novel approaches to data processing

Both published and unpublished research can be submitted.


To apply for the DECTRIS award, fill in the application form, complete it with your personal information, with details of your work (for example an abstract), and with a conference where you would like to present your work. Your chosen conference must take place during 2019.

Applications are due by March 10, 2019 (midnight, CET). Applicants will be informed of the decision by April 4, 2019.

Selection process

Submissions will be evaluated primarily on the innovation of the approach. Other factors taken into account are the scientific, industrial, and technological impact, the collaborative spirit of the project, and the value of the chosen conference (interdisciplinarity, internationality, reputation).

The selection committee is composed of DECTRIS scientific staff: crystallographers, material scientists, and former beamline scientists.


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