DECTRIS Award Application


Please summarize your work in a short abstract, limited to 500 words. The following questions can help you in the writing process:

  • What was done, where, why?
  • What was the innovative step?
  • What instrumentation was used?
  • Who are the collaborators?
  • Which obstacles did you overcome?
  • What would make the work easier and more successful?
  • What are the next steps?
  • References (publications) if any

Conference details

Fine print

The Award is meant to encourage scientists to promote their work to a broader audience. While DECTRIS treats all applications confidentially and does not reveal the applicants or their work during the submission period, all participants are encouraged to announce and discuss their application on social media and networking platforms. Please use hashtag #DECTRISaward.

We also invite all applicants to contribute their findings to a success story on the DECTRIS webpage once the evaluation period has finished.
The selection committee will communicate its decision via email to all applicants.

By submitting your application and contact details you give DECTRIS permission to save your information in a database. You can revoke this permission at any point by contacting



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