Our flagship detector boasts more than 16 million pixels and a detective area of 311 by 328 mm2. It is the apogee of protein and nucleic acid crystallography, ensuring best data from even the most challenging samples. Consistently, the first ever structure in the Protein Data Bank solved with EIGER X 16M data was published in Cell.

Thanks to the sharp, single-pixel point spread and the high spatial resolution, unit cells of more than 1000 Å do not generally present problems for this detector. The EIGER X 16M is the ultimate device for beamlines operating at the cutting edge of technology.

The EIGER X 16M can be operated in region-of-interest mode where the central eight modules are read out at up to 750 Hz. This allows for the rapid screening of large grids even with the smallest beams. Diffraction data can then be collected from identified crystals with the full area of the detector.

Specifications EIGER X 16M

Number of detector modules 4 x 8
Sensitive area (width x height) [mm²] 311.2 x 327.8
Pixel size [µm²] 75 x 75
Total number of pixels 4150 x 4371 = 18,139,650
Gap width: hor. / ver. [pixel] 10 / 37
Inactive area [%] 6.6
Defective pixels [%] < 0.03
Maximum frame rate [Hz] 133
Readout time continuous readout, 3 μs dead time, duty cycle > 99 %
Point-spread function 1
Sensor thickness [μm] 450
Counter bit depth [bit] 12
Threshold energy [keV] 2.7 - 18
Maximum count rate [phts/s/mm²] 5 · 10⁸
Image bit depth [bit] 16 or 32
Data format HDF5 / NeXus
Dimensions (WHD) [mm³] 400 x 430 x 500
Weight [kg] 55
Power consumption [W] 1200


All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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