EIGER2 R CdTe 2M-W is the widest high-energy detector in our HPC portfolio. It is ideally suited for X-ray imaging customers striving to achieve uncompromised image quality over a wide field of view. A small pixel size and a direct converting cadmium-telluride sensor provide a nearly ideal MTF and highest resolution for applications such as micro or nano CT. True spectral imaging with two energy thresholds, zero electronic noise and frame rate up to 100 Hz enhance imaging data and enable new fields of applications that can not be reached with conventional X-ray detectors. Excellent temporal stability and a robust mechanical design round up your experience with this high quality product.

Material scientists interested in collecting time-resolved, in situ or operando X-ray diffraction and scattering data can exploit over 4000 horizontal pixels to cover a wide 2θ (q) range in a single shot. Even at short exposure times, data quality is ensured with over 500 vertical pixels that contribute to the data statistics through azimuthal integration. Noise and continuous spectrum are successfully suppressed with the detector’s two thresholds, while tiny pixels with one-pixel wide point spread function guarantee premium angular resolution. EIGER2 R CdTe 2M-W is the most advanced laboratory detector for a panorama view on high-energy powder X-ray diffraction, pair distribution function studies, and total scattering measurements.  

Discover the features of the EIGER2 R 2M-W and see how they bring key advantages to your application!

Specifications EIGER2 R CdTe 2M-W

Number of detector modules (W x H)

4 x 1

Active area (W x H) [mm²]

311.1 x 38.4

Pixel size [µm²]

75 x 75

Total number of pixels

4,148 x 512 = 2,123,776

Gap width vertical / horizontal* [pixels]

12 / -

Energy-discriminating thresholds


Maximum count rate [cps/mm²]

9.8 x 10⁸

Maximum frame rate [Hz]


Point-spread function [pixels]

1 (FWHM)

Cadmium-telluride sensor thickness [µm]


Data format

HDF5 / NeXus

Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm³] 348 x 92 x 277
Weight [kg] 9.7
Photon energy [keV] Up to 100

* Plus a 2-pixel vertical gap in each module.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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