The EIGER2 R CdTe 4M is the ultimate X-ray detector for efficient data collection in high-energy laboratory applications. With its active area of 155 x 162 mm2, it is the largest commercially available laboratory detector with a cadmium-telluride sensor. Its high quantum efficiency for Cu, Mo, Ag, and In radiation, in combination with its large active area, makes the EIGER2 R CdTe 4M detector unrivaled, particularly for high-energy or dual-wavelength Single-Crystal Diffraction (SCD) and SAXS/WAXS.

Specifications EIGER2 R CdTE 4M
Number of detector modules (W x H) 2 x 4
Active area (W x H) [mm²] 155.1 x 162.2
Pixel size [µm²] 75 x 75
Total number of pixels 2,068 x 2,162 = 4,471,016
Gap width vertical / horizontal* [pixels] 12 / 38
Photon energy [keV] 8 - 24.2
Threshold energy [keV] 4 - 30
Energy-discriminating thresholds 2
Maximum frame rate [Hz] 20
Counter depth [bit/threshold] 2 x 16
Acquisition mode simultaneous read/write with zero dead time
Maximum count rate [cps/mm²] 9.8 x 10⁸
Point-spread function [pixels] 1 (FWHM)
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm³] 235 x 237 x 372
Weight [kg] 15
Optional vacuum compatibility yes

* Plus a 2-pixel vertical gap in each module.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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