EIGER2 R Detectors for Laboratory

EIGER2 R combines all state-of-the art features of HPC technology in DECTRIS' most advanced detector series for laboratory applications. Dual energy discrimination allows for extensive background suppression and improves signal-to-noise in particular for weak signals and long exposure times. Superior count rate performance enables accurate measurements of highest intensities. Take full advantage of the detector series' vast dynamic range even during long exposures using simultaneous read/write with zero dead time.

Thanks to the optional vacuum compatibility, absorption and scatter from air and windows can be minimized. Small pixels in combination with direct detection achieve high spatial and angular resolution and give you the benefit of fine sampling and wide coverage of reciprocal space. Choose from three different models to match your needs.

BR_EIGER2_R_Okt2018_web Adobe PDF, ca. 1.4 MB

Key Advantages

  • Hybrid Photon Counting: Direct detection of X-ray photons combined with single-photon counting
  • No readout noise or dark current for best signal-to-noise ratio
  • Highest spatial resolution thanks to direct detection
  • Dual energy discrimination for suppression of low and high energy background
  • High frame rates and dead time free readout
  • More than ten orders of magnitude dynamic range
  • Room temperature operation of all detector components for high reliability
  • Optional vacuum compatibility
  • Service-free with minimal maintenance


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