Just like its larger siblings, the smaller and more economical EIGER2 R 250K comes with all the high end-features of DECTRIS' HPC technology. It is an ideal solution for all measurement setups with a limited field of view that cannot take full advantage of our larger detectors. The EIGER2 R 250K achieves high resolution thanks to direct detection and a small pixel size, and it features DECTRIS Instant Retrigger for superior count rate performance. This allows both for superior dynamic range and accurate measurements of even the highest intensities commonly observed with laboratory sources. Dual energy discrimination over a wide range of energies gives you extensive possibilities to you reduce the background in your experiments. 

The high frame rates of the EIGER2 R 250K allow for fast continuous scans without compromising resolution. Whether you are integrating the detector as an end user or an instrument manufacturer, you will appreciate its easy-to-use http-based RESTlike API that is identical for all EIGER2 detectors. All these benefits come in a maintenance-free detector with DECTRIS‘ proven reliability.

Specifications EIGER2 R 250K

Number of detector modules (W x H)


Sensitive area (width x height) [mm²]

38.4 x 38.4

Pixel size [µm²]

75 x 75

Total number of pixels

512 x 512 = 262,144

Energy discriminating thresholds


Threshold range [keV]

3.5 - 30

Maximum frame rate [Hz]


Counter depth [bit/threshold]

2 x 16

Acquisition mode

Simultaneous read/write with zero dead time

Maximum count rate [cps/mm²]

6.9 x 10⁸

Point-spread function

1 (FWHM)

Vacuum compatibility (optional)


Image bit depth [bit]


Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm³]

100 x 140 x 93

Weight [kg]





All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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