The EIGER2 XE CdTe 16M is the ultimate X-ray detector for high-energy applications. With its active area of 311 x 327 mm2 and its frame rate of up to 550 Hz, it is the largest  and, for its size, the fastest  commercially available high-energy photon-counting system. Optimally suited for diffraction of strongly absorbing materials, it offers highly efficient detection up to 100 keV for diffraction or scattering techniques such as Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC) experiments or macromolecular crystallography. DECTRIS top-notch technology has enabled a breakthrough in count-rate capability up to 107 photons/s/pixel, as well as in stability for cadmium-telluride detectors.

Specifications - EIGER2 XE CdTe 16M
Number of detector modules (W x H) 4 x 8
Active area (W x H) [mm²] 311.1 x 327.2
Pixel size [µm²] 75 x 75
Total number of pixels 4,148 x 4,362 = 18,093,576
Gap width vertical / horizontal [pixels]* 12 / 38
Energy-discriminating thresholds 2
Count-rate capability [photons/s/pixel] 10⁷
Maximum frame rate [Hz] 550 (in 20-s bursts), 400 (continuous)
Point-spread function [pixels] 1 (FWHM)
Cadmium-telluride sensor thickness [µm] 750
Data format HDF5 / NeXus
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm³] 400 x 430 x 500
Weight [kg] 55
Photon energy [keV] Up to 100

* Plus a 2-pixel vertical gap in each module.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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