The MYTHEN2 R 1D fits 640 strips into an extremely compact housing and provides surprisingly affordable access to DECTRIS’ HPC technology. The combination of 4 mm strip length and 320 μm sensor thickness allows for fast and accurate measurements with Ti radiation in a laboratory X-ray instrument thanks to MYTHEN2’s excellent signal-to-noise ratio. With 8 mm strip length und 450 µm sensor thickness, the MYTHEN2 is an ideal match for Cu sources, but can also be applied at other X-ray energies.

HPC technology packed in a symmetric design of the MYTHEN2 R 1D, its media-free operation and CE-certificate make it the perfect choice for portable diffractometers, robots for stress measurements, XRD benchtop systems and wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence instruments.

Specifications MYTHEN2 R 1D

Sensor thickness [μm] 320, 450
Strip width [μm] 50
Strip length [mm] 8 (450 μm only) and 4 (320 μm only)
Dynamic range [bit] 24
Energy range [keV] 4 - 40
Readout time [μs] 89
Frame rate [Hz] 25
Point-spread function [strip] 1
Energy resolution1 (rms) [eV] 687 ± 5
Cooling Air
Module dimensions (W x H x D) [mm³] 36 x 62 x 22
Module weight [g] 100
DCS4 dimensions (WHD) [mm³] 110 x 30 x 160
DCS4 weight [g] 400


All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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